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Should You Go For Realignment Of Nose?

Should You Go For Realignment Of Nose?

There are those who are not happy with the way their nose looks so they turn to surgery. Then there are those who are happy with their nose but health concerns require that they also go for surgery of nose. Naturally, nose operation is like any other surgical procedure which if done correctly should results in good results with the patient out of hospital within a very short time.

However, mistakes do happen and sometimes the surgery does not go exactly as planned. Such mistakes nay lead to bust blood vessels or a poorly aligned nose. When this happens, there may need to undergo a nose reallignment through revision surgery. The important thing for you to note here is that nose operation does go bad and you are not the only one with such a problem. Before deciding that this is right thing to do, there are a number of things you have to be aware of. This includes the risks involved and the required amount of time before you can go for corrective surgery.

Before you go for revision surgery

It is important for you to know that a revisions surgery is a much more intense procedure that requires specialist knowledge and skill sets to come out properly. Apart from the complex nature of the surgery, it will also cost you more. You will also have to consider whether to go back to the surgeon who performed the original procedure or to another one who specializes in this type of revision surgery. Irrespective of the surgeon you decide to use, they should be able to understand what the main problem is and why this problem occurred in the first instance. You may be asked by you surgeon to explain why you need a revision done if the problem is not very obvious.


It is generally advisable that patients wait at least a year before going for another surgery. This is ample time for any wounds to heal and any swollen to disappear. Sometimes it is better to wait a year before going under the knife as this gives you time to see if any problems you notice will go away with time. There are concerns that you may raise that may be taken care of by the healing process over time. You hurriedly go under the knife before the nose has had time to heal and the surgeon is able to make definitive conclusions, you may end up fixing a problem that doesn’t exist. This could instead lead to more problems.

Revision procedure

The procedure to revise nose job operation may differ based on the mistake that was initially committed and the patient undergoing surgery. The aim of a revision surgery should be to restore the shape and function of the nose.