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Obesity – Its Associated Diseases- And Its Surgery

Obesity – Its Associated Diseases- And Its Surgery

Surgery is an effective option if BMI (Body Mass Index) of a candidate is 40 or above. If BMI of anyone is 35-40, then also health problem like arthritis and diabetes can arise. Experts are still researching whether weight losing surgery is suitable for children or not. The main goal of this surgery is to lose significant body weight. Other health problems caused due to obesity like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes also reduce totally.

How can you get benefitted from surgeries for weight loss?

Obesity surgery helps to lose weight in several ways. Adjustable gastric band is one of the restrictive operations because it makes stomach smaller and food quantity also get reduces. Gastric bypass is one of the malabsorptive operations. This method makes digestive system difficult and to absorb food. It is to be noted that patients can remain overweight or obese after surgery. Patients need to change their food habit extremely. Patients can eat only a few ounces of food after operation. Again, patients cannot eat very fast their food. They need to eat slowly and chew properly for proper digestion. Patients could not drink prior 30 minutes before eating. Even they could not drink during the meal and not also 30 minutes after completing the meal. If patients do not follow these restrictions, they might vomit repeatedly and feel pain in stomach. Nutrition problems may also arise in patients. So, doctors may give recommendations to take iron, calcium and vitamin supplements after operation.

Candidates need to consult doctors to know which method of operation is suitable for that particular candidate. Candidates should know the risks of the obesity surgery before operation. The candidates who undergo surgeries, they lose weight continuously for 2 years. Most of the patients lose weight very quickly after operation. Patients might have to suffer infection in incision and a leakage from stomach to the abdominal cavity. Leakage can arise in the place where intestine is connected and such infection is called peritonitis. Blood clots can be seen in lung which is called pulmonary embolism. Even some patients develop osteoporosis and anemia. Looking for a reliable and trusted obesity surgery service see this page the right place that can cover your needs.

Know about the surgery very well and you will get benefitted from this surgery

Before surgery, patients need to compare the risks of surgery and risk of being obese both. Obesity has now become a major problem throughout the world. As per the WHO (World Health Organization) approx. 1.6 billion adults of the age of 15 years, 400 million adults and 20 million children will become obese. As per the same report around 700 million people are suffering from obesity.