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Know About The Dental Care For Children Of Different Ages

Know About The Dental Care For Children Of Different Ages

Tooth problems are most seen among children and parents have to make it a point to instill the importance of good oral hygiene in children right from their early childhood. Many parents are ignorant about the ways and products to be used for their children at different age groups and the following article provides insights on these aspects.

Unless proper oral care is maintained, children may fall prey to the germs which cause cavities leading to acute pain requiring immediate emergency dental care by professional dentists in Hobart. Such emergency situation can be avoided by some minor changes in their food habits as well as dental habits too.

Babies from 4 month to 2 years

Though emergency dental care may not be required at this age as the milk teeth would have just erupted, still this is the right time to start off a good dental care routine which will go a long way in avoiding tooth decay. At this age, if the tooth has not erupted then make use of soft wet cloth to clean the gums and tongue where there are chances of fungal infection. Brushing using soft brushes must be started immediately on the outbreak of the baby’s first milk tooth. Parents can make use of the paste that does not contain fluoride in order to remove the germs and keep the baby’s teeth clean.

Children from 2 years to 4 years

Children in this age bracket are prone to tooth decay as they start indulging in lot of chocolates, candies and so many other sugary things. Though these products as such do not cause tooth decay but the children may be hesitant to practice good dental hygiene like washing their mouth thoroughly every time they eat chocolates and so on leads to plaque accumulation and decay of the tooth. Also, if the children are not showing interest in brushing parents can get differently shaped tooth brushes and also flavored toothpaste and make brushing an interesting affair.

Children in the age bracket 5 and 7

This is the age when children start losing their milk teeth giving way for the permanent teeth to set in. Fluoride tooth paste can be used at this age and also use tooth brush that can reach the sensitive and inaccessible areas. Dental hygiene must be given priority and in case if the tooth has already fallen then take care of those areas which tend to be highly sensitive.

Over 7 year’s children

Brushing twice daily using fluoride toothpaste along with regular flossing is a must at this age. Ensure good eating habits and maintain proper oral hygiene to keep the permanent tooth clean, strong and shiny.