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Differences Between Organic And Natural Cosmetics

Differences Between Organic And Natural Cosmetics

The terms natural and organic are often considered to be interchangeable, but there are certain differences between the two terms. As most people are now averse to the use of chemical based drugs and cosmetic substances, they prefer to opt for natural or organic products. The labeling of a product to be natural could mean anything, though it usually means that the ingredients are natural and not chemical based. However, most jurisdictions do not have strict regulations to certify that a product is made from natural ingredients. On the other hand, if a product is certified as organic, there are certain norms that it must comply with.

Definition of organic

When products are labeled as organic, these are usually made of ingredients that are grown on organic farms. In many countries, there are regulations and norms which define organic products. Hence, if a product is labeled and organic, these norms and regulations need to be followed. Most organic ingredients are grown in a certain environment where they are grown free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Many reputed cosmetic brands like ere perez natural cosmetics label their products to be organic.

What are natural products?

As many people wish to purchase products that are devoid of harmful chemicals, many products are labeled to be natural. When products are sold as natural like ere perez natural cosmetics, the meaning could be wider. In general, it usually means that the products are made from natural ingredients which are derived from natural substances. Many people opt for natural products as they feel that these products would be free from harmful preservatives. Many products are labeled similarly. However, the regulations or inspections of natural labeled products differ from one country to another. Visit this link for more information regarding Ere Perez natural cosmetics.

What should you opt for?

The choice between organic and natural often blur for most customers. However, in most cases, people think that, organic substances are clear of harmful preservatives and fertilizer based chemicals that often trace natural ingredients in most products. Hence, for one to be at ease about buying a chemical free product, it is best to opt for an organic product. That can apply for different product categories. Different kinds of food times are labeled accordingly as well as cosmetic products, medicine, baby care products and others.

Reputation of brands

It is necessary to find dependable brands that sell natural and organic products. While organic brands need to undergo a certain certification, not all natural brands need to do so. Hence, it is necessary to find a dependable brand whose products are beneficial for you. Many customer forums provide helpful advice and can help one to decide which organic or natural brand can be depended upon.