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Infectious waste or discarded material which poses potential infection threat is considered hazardous to the environment. It can be solid as well as liquid. For instance, body fluids, blood, human tissue, animal tissue, discarded bandages, used dressings, used gloves, used medical supplies, like syringes, needles, lancets and other products, are all considered infectious. Therefore, these should be discarded in a proper manner so as to prevent the spread of infection of any kind.Hospitals, health care clinics, medical laboratories, nursing homes, veterinarian’s offices and labs, physician’s offices and clinics, funeral homes, etc., are all sources of such types of waste. 

Proper disposal of such used materials is extremely important for our surroundings and most importantly for ourhealth. Medical facilities and other related institutions should prioritize effective clinical waste management in order to prevent injury or health hazards. Proper channeling of such waste material is important in order to prevent potentially infectious diseases from spreading or posing a threat to humans and animals and other living organisms of the environment. Nurses, janitors and doctors are workers who are mostly associated and commonly associated with such type of discarded materials and therefore they should be all the more careful and alert as they are first exposed to it. 

Sanitary bins are a must have for such medical clinics and laboratories. As soon as the accumulation of such waste takes place, it should be discarded immediately. Records should also be kept of all the waste materials which are clinical in nature and poses a threat of contamination to the environment. It should be stored in a place away from human surroundings and should be transported and disposed properly. Disposal of such refuse is usually done at a place which is far away from the place, which has generated such waste. If it is disposed at the same location, it will need proper equipment and labor which can cost a huge amount. Hired professional service can also be taken up in order to dispose such materials and waste products. Visit 

Such wastes are often incinerated in order to prevent any kind of hazard to both human and animals. After going through the incinerator, such materials are not even recognized as they are turned into ash. Autoclave are also used for sterilizing the used material so that they are less hazard to the environment and can be safely disposed and taken care of. Microwave system, alkaline digesters and heat methods too are used for the treatment of the waste materials. Different countries, like Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, India and others, have their own legislations and laws when it comes to the treatment and disposal of such waste materials as it is an important aspect for the safety of the environment and its people.