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A women’s health is very important in many ways. Health of women, use to be not spoken many years ago and it used to be taboo, but today it is a topic spoken more and more. Therefore, more attention is given to women health rights and also the chances that women can easily, go have a test done or get advice on their health, it prevailing. With advancement in technology and the ever growing medical field, the practice of more practitioners specialized for women health is on the rise.

Many choose to choose, specializations in such areas like gynecology and other women health matters. Obstetricians are also coming into play roles, in the life of women.

Obstetricians are quite often trained to take care of matters such as communicable diseases, specialize in PAP tests, manage complications of pregnancy and child birth.

What exactly is this profession?

This is also a type of a medical doctor, who specializes in women’s health, specifically related to the reproductive system and other women specialized diseases. Management of pregnancy, is one of their specializations mostly. There are many complications that can arise due to pregnancy, prenatal and even postnatal and also labor problems. These professionals are specialized in managing labor matters, related to matter and know perfectly how to handle it. in order to be specialized in such areas, the professional receive the right kind of education in women’s reproductive health, but spend less time like doctors who spend many years specializing in medical college. The education focuses much on management and detection, rather than diagnosing. They purely help one to detect and are knowledge on ways to manage such complications and what women face due to such matters.

What services are provided?

The services that can be offered vary based on the specialization and the training one chooses to follow. Some of these practitioners, decide to train themselves and educate themselves much more advance, while some choose to educate themselves in primary levels. Based on this education and the training one receives, one can choose to provide various services. Based on this same level of training, the place one decides to practice also differ. It can be health institutions such as hospital, clinics, community medical centers and even private practicing. Based on this the level of services differ. What are the typical services that are offered? Prenatal and labor care are one of the most important and common services offered. Apart from this, attention and management options for sexually transmitted diseases and treatments, contraceptive counselling, abnormal pap test, assistance with annual gynecological test and etc.


For those who cannot for some reason be employed by another, self employment can be a solution for pressing economic concerns. But self employment only succeeds where it is sustainable and plugs into a cycle of showing fair returns for the effort expended and able to start the cycle again. Sustainable self employment is a model of personal and community development that actually benefit the individuals as well as the community as a whole by lifting them out of dire economic straits and into stability. Small self sustaining industries like poultry farming, micro agriculture etc. are designed to be conducted by one or two individuals and profits a group of people. Here are some communities that will benefit from the introduction of sustainable self employment:

Fringe Groups and Communities

These are the groups of people who live on the fringes – of borders, of identities and of economies. They can be marginalized by normative, mainstream society for being indigenous or of a different ethnicity; they may be previously nomadic groups now forced to be sedentary due to border issues; or they may be desperately below the poverty line with no resources to raise themselves above it. Fringe groups usually have no fixed source of income, resorting to petty crimes or entertainment for money. One way that they can raise themselves and become stable is through the initiation of sustainable small-scale industries which will impact the economy of the surrounding region as well. That way, mainstream society in the immediate area will be forced to take notice and eventually assimilate or accept the fringe groups.

Elderly Communities

Elders in retirement villages don’t always have a hefty pension or financial retirement plan to tide them over their retirement days. They may be barely making payments on their property and care. Sustainable self employment will benefit these groups by giving them a living wage with which they can cover their expenses.

Small scale business ventures like making greeting cards or ornaments, doing data entry and other repetitive work on computers and tutoring younger children are all employment that elders can engage in. For instance, children of nearby schools could head to retirement villages and meet with previously assigned elders who can tutor them in various school subjects for their exams, since there’s bound to be retired teachers among that lot. You can visit this site to know the best abd secured retirement villages.

Housewives and Stay-at-Home Mothers

Granted, these women choose to stay at home because they don’t want to go out and work, but earning a little something extra never hurt anybody. Also, many women around the world are never given the choice to work or stay home, and self employment empowers them to break free of restrictive traditions and seek a better life. Small businesses that are easily manageable in small spaces, like poultry farming (eggs) and bee keeping can earn a pretty penny. Those good at arts and crafts can make jewellery, ornaments or do dressmaking. Or do what most stay-at-home women do best and cook – only this time, charge for everything.